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Fiberock Aquatough Abuse (Interior)
Last Modified: 2018-02-04

Fiberock Aquatough Abuse (Interior)


  • Aqua-Tough™ formulation provides improved moisture resistance
  • No face paper to scratch or tear
  • Resist denting, breaking and puncturing, even in high-traffic areas
  • Provide excellent fire resistance
  • Offer an economical alternative to concrete block and plaster construction
  • Ideal for institutional, commercial and residential interiors
  • Certified, recycled content of 95%

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Fiberock Aquatough Abuse (Interior)

Install this versatile product in high-traffic areas and it will provide strength, as well as water and fire resistance.

CGC Fiberock® Brand Aqua-Tough™ AR Interior Panels are high-performance panels that resist moisture, mould and fire as well as dents and penetration. Use CGC Fiberock® Brand Aqua-Tough™ AR Interior Panels on walls and ceilings, and applications where you need a smooth surface for paint and ceramic tile.

CGC Fiberock® Brand Aqua-Tough™ AR Interior Panels won't lose their strength when cut. They are ideal for most wet areas, because their panel surface does not delaminate when wet.

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