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Continental Liftlite Drywall
  • 25% lighter than standard 1/2" wallboard
  • Easier lifting and handling for fast installation
  • Sag resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Can be cost-effectively decorated numerous times
  • 99% recycled content by weight
  • Less jobsite waste
  • Reduced transportation energy
  • Low VOC-emitting materials
  • Easy score and snap
  • Reduced dust

Continental LiftLite Drywall

Continental LiftLite is a wallboard formulated to be up to 25% lighter than standard 1/2" wallboard making it easier to lift, carry and install. LiftLite can be used on both walls and ceilings, eliminating the need for two different types of drywall and reducing

jobsite waste. Like all Continental interior wallboards, LiftLite is GREENGUARD Certified, which can assist in the attainment of credits for LEED certification.