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CGC UltraLight Firecode 30
  • Up to 30% lighter than standard 5/8" Type X gypsum panels
  • Easier to lift, carry, and install
  • Clean score and snap
  • 30-minute single layer steel and wood framed
  • One hour double layer steel framed fire-rated wall systems
  • Strength and impact resistance is comparable to standard 5/8"
  • Product Number: 158F3008 (4x8x5/8") - 158F3009 (4x9x5/8")
  • Product Number: 158F3010 (4x10x5/8") - 158F3012 (4x12x5/8")

Introducing 5/8” SHEETROCK UltraLight FIRECODE 30 Gypsum Panels

New!!  SHEETROCK® UltraLight FIRECODE® 30 Panels have been formulated to achieve comparable strength and performance characteristics of standard 5/8" SHEETROCK® FIRECODE® Core panels at a significantly reduced weight. The panels feature an engineered core encased in proprietary 100% recycled face and back papers for a high strength-to-weight ratio composite design.

SHEETROCK® UltraLight FIRECODE® 30 Panels meet or exceed ASTM C 1396 and building code requirements for 5/8" gypsum board (non-Type X). They also are a low VOC emitting material (meet standard CA 01350). They are an optimized, lightweight alternative for use on non-rated and 30 minute (single layer) and one-hour (double layer on steel studs) rated assemblies where 5/8" Type X panels have been specified but are not needed for specific fire or sound performance.

These innovative panels provide the opportunity for increased productivity and safety enhancements.

For more details: Visit www.theweighthasbeenlifted.com