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Firecheck Type X
Last Modified: 2018-02-03

Firecheck Type X


  • Fire resistance
  • Ease of installation

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Firecheck Type X

Firecheck Type X can be used in applications that require direct mechanical attachment to wood or metal framing, or as a component of fire-rated assemblies. It may also be used as a thermal barrier in roof assemblies when specified by the roofing manufacturer.

When used in a certified sound-rated assembly, Firecheck Type X will also contribute to required Sound Transmission Class (STC) values.

Firecheck Type X is suitable for various indoor uses, including:

Interior walls and ceilings
Elevator enclosures
Stairwell enclosures
Area separation fire walls
Roofing substrates

Firecheck Type X offers several advantages over regular drywall:

Fire resistance: An enhanced level of fire resistance compared with regular drywall for both residential and commercial construction applications. Firecheck Type X is formulated to perform in accordance with ASTM C 1396, Sections 5 and C 36, Type X; and is UL labeled (Type LGFC6A).

Ease of installation: Fast installation, similar to that of regular drywall.

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